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I love solving problems to grow revenue, delight customers, and create impact.

Product Examples

Stratum Inventory Marketing Platform

Team: Director of Digital Services, Product Manager (me), Digital Development Manager, Web Developer, AdOps Specialist

Stratum is a search-driven, API-enabled inventory marketing platform. Built to be flexible and integrate with existing CMS, inventory, and production platforms, the platform allows sellers of all types and sizes to easily expose their available inventory to buyers, search engines, and marketing tools.

Stratum powers three digital marketplaces, industry verticals, and is in development for a niche editorial product.

  • Built initially in WordPress with ElasticSearch layered on, our team developed an API to deliver content across multiple installations and on client websites.
  • Stratum currently handles more than 25,000 active searches every week, and more than 90,000 regularly updated inventory items.
  • Developed several new advertising products for our internal clients along with well-documented fulfilment processes, account management, and sales collateral.
  • Next steps include aggressively adding inventory items in niche sectors and marketing the platform on its own.

Digital Marketplaces

Example: Capital Press Marketplace

Team: Product Manager (me), Digital Development Director, AdOps Specialist, local Advertising Directors, remote sales team

Marketplace platforms built on the Stratum platform improve user experience with advertising materials, diversify digital product offerings beyond display advertising and deliver measurable results for the organization.

  • Consistent 30-40 percent year-over-year revenue growth from new ad units that perform many times better than existing display products.
  • User behavior gleaned from product use patterns and direct conversation have improved the product journey, inspired new features, and driven sales processes.
  • Successfully scaled account management and fulfilment processes through detailed documentation and processes while supporting sales staff with collateral, case studies, and direct assistance.

Content Product Strategy

Example:brass Magazine, Money Side of Life

Team: Content Director (me), Managing Editor, Associate Editor, Videographer, Design Director, Social Media Specialist, staff writers, freelance writers

brass provides direct, intelligent, entertaining content to young adults about the money side of life.

  • Successfully transitioned brass from a quarterly magazine delivered to credit union member households to two distinct product lines: a digital platform designed to deliver contextual content on credit union websites; and a personal finance educational program for high school teachers.
  • The magazine pivot into distinct B2B and B2C market orientations required multiple iterations of product platforms and engagement with customers and end users with very different goals and uses in mind.
  • Both print and digital products were delivered on time while expanding our content offerings to be more modern and engaging for our target audience.